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Atlanta Flywheel Service

Atlanta Flywheel Service
Custom Hoses
We can make a replacement for almost any hose. Click here.

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Your brake hose can easily be replaced or repaired on site.

Rubber Flex Hose (19mb)

Any tube you need can be formed

Tubes and Hoses

Hard to find hoses and specialty belts from DayCo

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You will also find we stock a huge selection of gates hydraulic fittings.

Gates Hydraulics
Any Type of Vehicle
Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATV’s, RV’s, forklifts, industrial equipment and more. Replacement or custom lines made for any application to your specifications on site most often while you wait.
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any type of vehicle

Brake Hoses Made to Measure

Brake Lines Made to MeasureWhen it comes to driving your car, most fanatics love going fast. While we drive, we never really think about what it takes to bring a car to a full stop again, that is why we think about it so you do not have to.

Every single car uses brake hoses in their brake system and that is why it is necessary to check these every single time your car receives maintenance. Brake hoses are in fact considered as one of the most vital components in your car’s brake system.

Not every car is the same though, maybe you have made custom modifications to your car or maybe you do not have the same car as everyone else, maybe you are an individual who has created something for yourself or have a rare car, in that case brake hoses made to measure can be your best bet. If you simply cannot find the right brake hose for your vehicle, brake hoses made to measure are going to be the solution to your problem because they are designed with you in mind. These brake hoses are going to fit perfectly.

If you are interested in brake hoses made to measure E. L. Johnston Auto Parts has both the expertise and the ability to help you out. When it comes to the brakes of your car, you do not want to take a risk on an inferior product, which is why so many people get their brake hoses made at E. L. Johnston Auto Parts.