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Ford Bronco Brake Hoses




When checking or replacing your brake hoses make sure you are checking and replacing  ALL your brake hoses.  It is easy to overlook some brake hoses if you aren’t familiar with the vehicle, for instance:  Below picture is of a brake hose that goes from the master cylinder to the proportioning valve on an 87 Ford Bronco. If this hose fails you could lose both back brakes OR you could have back brakes that won’t release.  With this hose even a slight problem releasing fluid pressure is going to cause your back brakes to wear out much sooner, reduce your gas mileage and reduce power to your rear drive wheels.



Stop these problems before they happen by replacing those old hoses with one of our new, high quality brake hoses like the one  pictured below.   Keep your Bronco going when it NEEDS to go and stopping when it NEEDS to stop!




Old vs New

Old Brake Hose

Looking at the outside of the old brake hose above it is pretty easy to see that it should be replaced.  Another thing to consider is the age of your brake hose.  A brake hose may even look fine on the outside, but sometimes the inside wall of a brake hose can collapse and keep the brake fluid pressure from releasing, causing a brake to stay engaged.

Our High Quality New Brake Hose

When one brake hose is bad and needs to be replaced,  it is really a good idea to replace all of your brake hoses.

1977 Ford F150 4×4 Rear Brake Hose

Old rusty and corroded brake line fittings coupled with a dry rotted rubber hose is just asking for trouble.  If you’re 1977 Ford F150 4×4 Truck has a rear brake hose that looks anything as bad as the one pictured below then right now is the time to replace it with one of our replacement brake hoses.


Pictured below is our replacement rear brake hose for your 1977 Ford F150 4×4.  Keeping your brake system properly repaired and maintained is one of the best investments you can make for you and your vehicle.


1960 Ford F100 Truck

We can provide unavailable master cylinder and clutch master cylinder hoses for your 1960 Ford F100.


Above photos are of old/new master cylinder and the clutch master cylinder hoses for a 1960 Ford F100.


96 Impala SS – Rear Caliper Hose

The above photo is of a 96 Impala SS with four wheel disc brakes.

The Rear Caliper Brake Hoses are no longer available from dealers or aftermarket listings.

The photo below shows our new replacement brake hose on the left side for the old worn out hose on the right.


Ford Explorer Brake Hose Repair


This brake hose came in on a Ford Explorer with a bad break in it that needed to be replaced.  Upon inspection the other hoses in the set were OK and our customer decided to save them and only replace the bad brake hose.  We were able to remove and replace the bad hose with a brand new rubber one.


Brake Tube Replacement

Duplicated Tube Service

This is an old rusted tube we replaced on site by bending a new line to exactly match the old one.

Brake Hose Replacement

1960’s Chevrolet

This brake hose fits Chevrolet Corvair and Chevy II. The original was so badly rotten that it broke when removing it. We built a brand new replacement on site complete with new fittings.
Rubber lines should be replaced every 7 years to maintain maximum braking pressure in the event of a sudden stop.

Switch to Braided Stainless

Braided Stainless Brake HoseIn recent history, stainless brake lines have become one of the most popular stand-alone upgrades that one can purchase for their vehicle. That many people cannot be wrong can they? There are several reasons it is a benefit to invest in stainless brake lines.

One of the biggest benefits is that when compared to the old rubber lines, stainless brake lines offer 66% less expansion. What this comes down to is that your newly purchased stainless brake lines will make your problems due to heat and other factors quickly fade, and it also reduces pedal travel.

When you reduce pedal travel thanks to these stainless brake lines, you are going to notice an increase in braking power, be able to brake faster and it even feels better when you hit those brakes.
On average, a rubber hose lasts for approximately 6 years, if you do not remember to change them before they can become a safety hazard. With stainless brake lines, you do not have to worry about changing your brake lines.

Many people are worried about the price; after all, shouldn’t stainless brake lines with all those benefits be much more expensive? The truth of the matter is that when you are paying for them, your bank account is barely going to know the difference, but your car sure is.

If you are interested in making the switch to stainless brake lines E. L. Johnston Auto Parts has you covered. For the best quality and best service be sure to drive on over to E. L. Johnston Auto Parts and find out why they are considered at the top of the business.

Brake Hoses Made to Measure

Brake Lines Made to MeasureWhen it comes to driving your car, most fanatics love going fast. While we drive, we never really think about what it takes to bring a car to a full stop again, that is why we think about it so you do not have to.

Every single car uses brake hoses in their brake system and that is why it is necessary to check these every single time your car receives maintenance. Brake hoses are in fact considered as one of the most vital components in your car’s brake system.

Not every car is the same though, maybe you have made custom modifications to your car or maybe you do not have the same car as everyone else, maybe you are an individual who has created something for yourself or have a rare car, in that case brake hoses made to measure can be your best bet. If you simply cannot find the right brake hose for your vehicle, brake hoses made to measure are going to be the solution to your problem because they are designed with you in mind. These brake hoses are going to fit perfectly.

If you are interested in brake hoses made to measure E. L. Johnston Auto Parts has both the expertise and the ability to help you out. When it comes to the brakes of your car, you do not want to take a risk on an inferior product, which is why so many people get their brake hoses made at E. L. Johnston Auto Parts.